Benny and Joon
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FilmBenny and Joon
1993   (USA – 12)   //   98mins
14th April  Friday   8pm

Benny and Joon

Benny runs a small car repair shop.  He must also care for his mentally ill sister Juniper, known as Joon, following the accidental death of their parents.  After losing a bet, Benny has to bring another eccentric into his house: Sam (Johnny Depp).  Benny is at first outraged, but after an evening with Sam at the local diner and then coming home the next day to find Sam has cleaned the house, Benny decides Sam should be Joon’s ‘housekeeper’ since her other housekeepers had been scared away by Joon’s outbursts.

Not inclined to conversation, Sam expresses himself by performing Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton routines (and brilliantly!)  He immediately hits it off with Joon, and as Sam and Joon fall deeper in love, Benny for the first time in life experiences the pangs of jealousy.