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Live ShowA Brief History of Music
Saturday   11th April|7:30pm

A Brief History of Music

The latest show from acclaimed musicians Chris Green and Sophie Matthews encompasses 600 years of musical history in 90 minutes!  Beginning in the Middle Ages and ending up in the 20th century (and incorporating everything in between!) this fun and fast-moving show is a whistle-stop tour of Western musical history.

Featuring long forgotten songs and tunes (not to mention jokes!), Chris and Sophie paint a vibrant and vivid picture of our musical DNA, mixing the familiar and the obscure, the raucous and the reflective and the courtly and the common place.

The show combines the vigour of the medieval period, the musical intricacy of the Renaissance, the grandeur of the Baroque and the pomp and bombast of Victoriana.  Add to that the wit of Blackadder and 1066 And All That, and the stage is set for a veritable musical feast!  Complete with a bewildering array of instruments such as cittern, rauschpfeife and virginal (and that’s just the first 100 years!)