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Live Show

LADS presents

Hobson’s Choice
Wed – Sat   20th – 23rd October|7:30pm

LADS presents

Hobson’s Choice

The popular classic comedy by Harold Brighouse will bring bucket loads of life and laughter back to The Market Theatre - a joyous return by a LADS cast of 12 to full scale light-hearted live entertainment.

The title of the play is taken from the popular expression “Hobson’s choice” - meaning no choice at all.  Although written 100 years ago, the theme of female empowerment is more relevant today than ever.

A shoemaker, Henry Hobson, has three daughters: Maggie, Alice and Vickey.  The daughters work in the shop unpaid; Hobson spends his time drinking at the local pub.

Daughter Maggie, a talented businesswoman, sets up a rival shoe making business.  Hobson’s fortunes rapidly decline as business is lost and his drinking increases.  Like King Lear, he appeals to all three of his daughters for support, but this is not forthcoming in the way he wants.