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Live ShowKeith James –
The Songs of Nick Drake
10th February 2018  Saturday   8pm

Keith James –
The Songs of Nick Drake

Nick Drake is the most revered and loved of all this country’s singer/songwriters.  He recorded three cherished albums between 1969 and 1972 but was almost entirely unknown in his day.  After his tragic death in 1974, aged only 26, his music almost disappeared into obscurity.  Now, thanks to a massive resurgence of interest and a worldwide re-evaluation of his genius, Nick Drake has become a national treasure.

A number of years have now passed since singer/guitarist Keith James paralysed the whole country with his stunningly beautiful series of concerts entitled The Songs of Nick Drake.  At the beginning of the project in 2001 he was the first artist ever to bring this fragile and intriguing music to theatres across the UK in its pure live concert form.  The end result was over a decade of highly acclaimed concerts amounting to over 1500 shows in venues in the UK, Ireland, Holland, France, Italy and Spain including all of Nick’s schools and colleges – even Glastonbury Festival.

Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear  - The Independent
Keith James has become a pillar of trust.  A sublimely intimate and engaging voice  - Sunday Times
A sensitive and pleasingly understated delivery, all the better that the songs might speak for themselves  - Acoustic Magazine