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Live Show

The Fetch Theatre presents

Pedlar’s Tales
Saturday   4th April|3pm

The Fetch Theatre presents

Pedlar’s Tales

An intriguing, fun and interactive storyteller’s performance, featuring puppets, music and a mysterious traveller!

Allow your imagination to soar as our storyteller, Silver Joan, draws you into a fantastical world bringing past events bursting into life in this fabulous show featuring a host of beautiful puppets and original music.

Bite-sized stories contained in a quirky cart are inspired by fascinating historical documents and the incredible folklore of Herefordshire.  This funny, moving and inventive performance is a real family show engaging audiences of all ages from octogenarians to junior school pupils.

Suitable for anyone between 7 and 80: indeed anyone who loves visual theatre and history.

A fantastic production.  The puppets were mesmerising and pulled you into the stories.
I just sat there with my jaw dropping in amazement throughout the show and then at times I almost welled up with tears.




A family ticket admits 4