Remembering Edward Thomas `1878 – 1917
Live ShowRemembering Edward Thomas
1878 – 1917
1st April  Saturday   11am to 5pm

Remembering Edward Thomas
1878 – 1917


Poet Ted Hughes called Edward Thomas ‘father of us all’.  Today he continues to inspire many of our great writers.  You are invited to join a celebration of Edward Thomas’s poetry and prose, hosted by the Friends of the Dymock Poets.  This lively afternoon will commemorate the centenary of Thomas’s death in the First World War, and will include a potted history of Edward Thomas’s writing, readings of his greatest and best-loved poems, and reflections Thomas’s observations on countryside, nature, language and the emotions.

For those familiar with his work and his connections with the Ledbury area, there will be guest speakers on some lesser-known aspects of Thomas’s work.  For those new to the Friends of the Dymock Poets this offers the chance to find out more in a relaxed and friendly environment.

For more information or to order lunch, please email Friends of the Dymock Poets or phone 01531-892920

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All day ticket (includes tea / coffee)