Salaam Bombay!
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FilmSalaam Bombay!
1988   (India/France/UK – 15)   //   112mins   //   Subtitles
30th June  Friday   8pm

Salaam Bombay!

Abandoned by his mother at a circus, Krishna, an illiterate, country bumpkin of a boy, is told he can only return home when he has earned 500 rupees to pay for his brother’s bike that he had trashed.  He ends up in the Bombay’s (Mumbai’s) red-light district and soon knows no other life than hustling and stealing.  Shot entirely on location with its child actors recruited from the streets, this beautifully filmed, gritty, unsentimental but surprisingly cheerful portrait of street life is full of incident and colourful characters.

This is a gritty look into the underbelly and plight of Mumbai's poor street children, who call the gutters of its filthy urban streets home.  It is filled with the sights and sounds of this urban nightmare.  An Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, this highly acclaimed film allows the viewer a peek at another culture, only to find that basic human needs and desires are universal.

Winner of Audience and Golden Camera Awards, 1988 Cannes Film Festival.

Part of Flicks in the Sticks World Cinema Season.
Free Indian snacks will be served before the film.