Sofia Buckingham [in concert]
Live ShowSofia Buckingham in concert
1st April  Saturday   8pm

Sofia Buckingham in concert


The songs that Sofia writes come from deep inside and speak of emotions, raw and real.  She delivers every word with a passion that is both inclusive and electrifying.

After years of writing songs, Sofia spent time in the studio this past summer crafting them into an inspired new album.  This collaboration, created with a group of international musicians, producers and engineers will be released in March 2017.  The album showcases Sofia’s work from solo guitar and vocal through to full-band rock.

The concert at The Market Theatre will include music from the album; and Sofia will be joined by her producer, Andy Brotherton, who will accompany her on second guitar.

Catch Sofia early in her career in the wonderfully intimate setting that is Ledbury’s Market Theatre.