The_Yellow_Box – a_wicked_trip_through_Eurocracy
Live Show

A Market Theatre Showcase Production

The Yellow Box – a wicked trip through Eurocracy
15th – 16th September  Fri – Sat   7:30pm

A Market Theatre Showcase Production

The Yellow Box – a wicked trip through Eurocracy

An original satire by Paul Costello.  In a backstreet bar in the city of Aroma, following much strife on Planet Earth, six bigwigs consider how to achieve lasting peace in Eurocratica: their brainchild - a beast called the Eurocratic Club.  The engine room of the Club is a basement office in Bristles, where an army of Greys dreams up ideas and resolves vital matters such as the curve of a cucumber, the size of a pollock and whether you can eat your pet pony.

Over many years, the ponderous beast spreads its hold through Eurocratica.  But when the Angel of Mercy - Leader of Germolena and prospective Head of Planet Earth - starts pushing eastwards, the commitment of the Greys is tested.  Wisecrack Grey sniffs out endless absurdities, and Rebel Grey insists on finding out why a single yellow box must remain sealed.

The Yellow Box is pure fiction.  Any apparent likeness to, say, present-day Europe is entirely coincidental.

The Market Theatre Showcase programme provides an opportunity for new amateur writers, actors and directors to showcase their talents to the public at affordable prices.