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Live ShowIago Banet
Saturday   13th May|7:30pm

Iago Banet

Iago was born in Galicia in the north-west of Spain.  As a teenager, he found a classical guitar at home and set about learning to master it.  Since 2018, he has been building an impressive career as a solo fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, showcasing his immense talent and receiving rave reviews along the way.

Banet is releasing his third studio album in March 2023, and will feature new levels of skill, complexity and versatility, fusing styles and redefining the boundaries of the instrument.  Iago’s technique and approach to performance have captivated crowds across the UK and Spain.  A one-man-band on acoustic guitar.

Mesmerisingly special as you will see... In a word AWESOME, fantastic original music and incendiary fingerpicking acoustic guitar - Tony Corner (Radio DJ)