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LADS presents

Thu - Sat   20th - 22nd October|7:30pm

LADS presents


A play that has enjoyed huge success around the world and won The Verity Bargate Award.  The Kindertransport (German for “children’s transport”) was an organised rescue effort of children from Nazi controlled territory that took place during the nine months prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.

After heartbreaking partings, many of the children never saw their parents again.

Almost 10000 (most of them Jewish) were sent by their parents from Germany to Britain.  Nine-year-old Eva ends up in Manchester.  When Eva’s parents fail to escape Germany, the child changes her name and begins the process of denial of her roots.  It is only when her own daughter discovers some old letters in the attic that Eva is forced to confront the truth about her past.

All proceeds from the First Night plus any donations will go to Ukrainian children’s charities.