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Live Show

Monstro Theatre presents

The King of Nothing
Sunday   26th February|2:30pm

Monstro Theatre presents

The King of Nothing

Monstro Theatre’s new show is an anarchic piece of musical puppet theatre inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Two giant carpet bags.  Out pops a hand.  A head.  A ukulele...  It’s a pair of professional Swindlers on the run from their latest Swindling job.

The King loves clothes.  The only question is: what to wear?  The polka-spotted swimsuit! Night at the Disco?  The gold sequins!  Our lovable Swindlers (oh, sorry: “Weavers”) offer the foppish King a suit made of this wonderful magical fabric they are weaving.  You know the one.  The magical one that YOU CAN’T SEE IF YOU’RE STUPID!  Isn’t it beautiful?  Oh yes, agree all the King’s courtiers.  Oh yes, agrees the King, as the Swindlers adeptly pull his puppet-strings.

We think you know the rest!

Ages 5+

One of the best children's shows I've ever seen.  The writing was so intelligent, the music was lovely.  My son is begging to see it again. - Audience Member
★★★★ Full of charm and wit... both topical and timeless - Musical Theatre Review
★★★★ With a lovely mix of music and storytelling, the King of Nothing breathes new life into this classic tale.  Fantastic family fun - Fairy Powered Productions