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Live Show

Scirocco Dance Theatre presents

Invisible Cities
Saturday   16th July|7:30pm

Scirocco Dance Theatre presents

Invisible Cities

Based on Italo Calvino’s novel, this new interdisciplinary adaptation blends contemporary dance with live drawing and original music to transport the audience into a fantastic journey.  An old overhead projector opens a portal between two realms: the physical and the imaginary, setting a nostalgic and yet playful atmosphere.

Invisible Cities challenges what illustration and storytelling can be, inviting the audience to free their inner children into a vibrant world of lights, sounds, colours and creatures.

A dreamlike and energetic, poetic and hypnotic, tender and fiercely rhythmic piece defined by the eclectic style of Scirocco Dance Theatre Company.  A work that celebrates dance, music and visual arts in the name of interdisciplinary performance.

Choreographed by Irene Fiordilino with original music by Peter Nagle
Performers: Sofia Burnay and Irene Fiordilino