Make a Donation

The Market Theatre is owned and managed by Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS), which is a registered Charity (no. 1174743).

The Theatre is run entirely by volunteers and we receive no public funding whatsoever.
If you appreciate the work we do and would like to make a donation, this page will help make this as easy as possible.

Covid has required us to reduce audience numbers significantly to achieve social distancing.
Not only has this meant reduced income (and some losses) at the box office, our reduced capacity has resulted in disappointment for those who we have been unable to accommodate.
Clearly this is unsustainable in the long term, so later this spring we are intending to install a
combined heat-pump and air conditioning system, which should allow us to open fully.
As you can imagine this will be very, very expensive.  If you feel that you would like to help us out with this enormous bill, please make a donation by one of the methods detailed below.
We really appreciate any support you can give us.

Methods of Donating to LADS:

  1. You can send a cheque (payable to ‘LADS’) to:
    LADS – c/o The Treasurer
    5 Upper Hall
    Worcester Road
    Ledbury   HR8 1JA
  2. You can make a BACS payment direct into our account
    (please make the reference ‘Donation’, followed by your surname so that we know who to thank!)
    Please click here for details.

If you choose either of these methods, please consider Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.
This would increase the value of your gift to us by 25% at no further cost to you!
To make use of this, please download and complete this form and either enclose it with your cheque, or email it to our Treasurer.

  1. Legacy
    A Legacy is ‘a gift to someone left in a Will’
    In order to bequeath a legacy to LADS, you need to make sure it is included in your Will.
    The three main types of legacy that you could leave to a charity are:
  • Residuary Legacy:
    Once all other gifts have been made, ie. to your family, friends or others from your estate, a residuary legacy is a gift
    of the remainder or part of your estate.  It is a fraction of your estate rather than a cash sum that will retain its value over time.
  • Pecuniary Legacy:
    Is a monetary gift of a specified amount.
  • Specific Legacy:
    Is a gift of personal possessions: this may be land, buildings, furniture, antiques or jewellery.

How do I Leave a Legacy?

To include LADS in your Will is an easy, straight forward and cost effective way to support us.
You would need to add a short clause or codicil to your Will.

Thank you!