What’s On

Key:   Green = Live Shows  |Blue = Live/Encore Screenings  |Yellow = Films
2nd December   TONIGHT   7pm for 7:30pm   Ledbury Flower Club
7th December   Wednesday   10:30am   Downton Abbey: A New Era
14th December   Wednesday   7:15pm   The Nutcracker
16th December   Friday   7:30pm   Parallel Mothers (Madres paralelas)
17th December   Saturday   3pm   Ledbury Community Brass Band’s Christmas Concert
19th - 29th January   Thu - Sun   2:30pm and 7:30pm   Snow White
4th February   Saturday   7pm   The Crucible
8th February   Wednesday   10:30am   Fisherman’s Friends - One and All
10th February   Friday   7:30pm   A Room of One’s Own
11th February   Saturday   8pm   Abba Sensation
15th February   Wednesday   7pm   The Barber of Seville
17th February   Friday   7:30pm   West Side Story
18th February   Saturday   7:30pm   Witty Ditties with Green and Matthews
24th February   Friday   7:30pm   Top Gun: Maverick
25th February   Saturday   7:30pm   A Perfect Likeness
26th February   Sunday   2:30pm   The King of Nothing
4th March   Saturday   7pm   Othello
8th March   Wednesday   10:30am   Mrs Harris Goes to Paris
9th - 11th March   Thu - Sat   7pm   Hereford County Drama Festival
12th March   Sunday   7:30pm   The Banshees of Inisherin
15th March   Wednesday   7:30pm   The Quiet Girl
17th March   Friday   7:30pm   Utama
18th March   Saturday   7:30pm   Steady Edd
22nd March   Wednesday   7:15pm   Turandot
24th March   Friday   7:30pm   Emily
25th March   Saturday   7:30pm   The Songs of Leonard Cohen
31st March   Friday   7:30pm   Ceri Dupree
8th April   Saturday   7:30pm   Earwig
12th April   Wednesday   10:30am   The Lost King
12th April   Wednesday   7:15pm   Cinderella
14th April   Friday   7:30pm   Living
15th April   Saturday   7:30pm   Ma Bessie’s Prohibition Party
19th - 22nd April   Wed - Sat   2:30pm and 7:30pm   Whistle Down the Wind
30th April   Sunday   6:45pm   The Marriage of Figaro
5th May   Friday   7:30pm   Moscow Drug Club
9th May   Tuesday   7pm   Good
10th May   Wednesday   10:30am   See How They Run
12th May   Friday   7:30pm   Where the Crawdads Sing
13th May   Saturday   7:30pm   Iago Banet
14th May   Sunday   7:30pm   Emma
19th May   Friday   7:30pm   Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
20th May   Saturday   2:30pm   I Spy with My Little Eye
26th May   Friday   7:30pm   Compartment No. 6
27th May   Saturday   7:30pm   Sherlock’s Excellent Adventure
28th May   Sunday   7:15pm   The Sleeping Beauty

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