What’s On

Key:   Green = Live Shows   |Blue = Screenings   |Yellow = Films
25th - 27th AprilThurs - Sat   7:30pmDaisy Pulls It Off
1st MayWednesday   6:45pmCarmen
3rd MayFriday   7:30pmScrapper
8th MayWednesday   10:30amOne Life
10th MayFriday   7pmNye
11th MaySaturday   7:30pmYusuf - Cat Stevens
17th MayFriday   7:30pmThe Old Oak
18th MaySaturday   7:30pmThe Importance of Being Ernest
22nd MayWednesday   7:15pmThe Winter's Tale
24th MayFriday   7:30pmAnd Then Come the Nightjars
25th MaySaturday   7:30pmIago Banet
30th MayThursday   7:20pmMessage in a Bottle
31st MayFriday   7:30pmRum Ragged
1st JuneSaturday   7:30pmPride and Prejudice
15th JuneSaturday   7:30pmVita & Virginia (abridged)
19th JuneWednesday   10:30amSwede Caroline
21st JuneFriday   7pmOppenheimer
22nd JuneSaturday   7:30pmMalvern Big Band
28th & 29th JuneFri & Sat   4pm and 7pmThe Wizard of Oz
3rd, 5th & 6th JulyWeds - Sat   Ledbury Poetry Festival 2024
9th JulyTuesday   7:30pmThe Deborah Bonham Band
10th JulyWednesday   10:30amWicked Little Letters
12th JulyFriday   7:30pmThe Very Grimm Brothers Unlocked
13th JulySaturday   7:30pmRemi Harris
19th JulyFriday   7:30pmPast Lives
26th JulyFriday   7:30pmSullivan’s Travels
12th - 16th AugustMon - Fri   9:30am to 3pmSummer Holiday Drama Workshop Week
5th SeptemberThursday   7:30pmThe Merry Wives of Windsor
5th OctoberSaturday   7:30pmTango Calor

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