LADS Famous Pantomime – Auditions on Sunday 22nd September 2019

Times and Information

10am: Children’s Dance Troupe.
We will be auditioning for 8 to 10 juniors to be in the pantomime dance troupe.

Please note that members of the dance troupe will be required at rehearsals from 10am to 5pm every Sunday.

11am: Children’s Singing Chorus.
We will be auditioning for a maximum of 20 juniors to be in the singing chorus.
The singing chorus will be required to attend all Sunday rehearsals from 2pm to 5pm and some from 10am to 5pm.

NB: children may audition for both the singing chorus and the dance troupe, but if successful will only be offered a place in either one or the other.
All children will have some lines to say in addition to singing and dancing.

12 noon: Singing Auditions.
Very Important:  If you wish to audition for Tommy, Roberta, Dame, Dick, Crystal or Vileun please come to the audition with a prepared song to sing for the casting committee.  It can be any song of your choice which you feel best showcases your singing talents!  Maximum length: 2 minutes

1pm to 3pm: Auditions for speaking parts (see cast list below).
Adults and children over 16 years of age only.


  • There will be a full cast (not chorus) read through on Thursday 26th September.
  • Rehearsals will commence on Tuesday 1st October and will then be every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm and Sunday afternoons at 2pm with a few variations due to the availability of the theatre.
  • The Singing Chorus will only be required on Sundays until November and the dancers will only be required on Tuesdays and Sundays until November.
  • A full rehearsal schedule will be available at the audition.
  • If you are offered a part, you do need to make the commitment and attend the majority of the rehearsals to ensure success of the production.
Production Team:
Director:   Sally Watson Producer:   Craig Watson
Musical Director:   Chris Corcoran Choreographer:   Heather Cambridge
Vileun A black-hearted alien – definitely the villain of the show
(this part is written for a man but could easily be adapted for a female)
Astra Vileun’s zany henchwoman.
Null One half of the alien comedy duo.  Vileun’s henchman (male or female)
Void The other half of the alien comedy duo (male or female)
Tommy Tucker A cheeky chap who likes to wind up Dame Dangle
(written as a male role but easily adapted to female)
Dame Dangle the traditional dame character (must played by a man)
Roberta A robot made by Professor Atnus.  Must be able to roller skate.
Professor Atnas / Santa Claus The professor is really Santa in disguise (must be played by a man)
Captain Dick Daring Dame Dangle’s nephew and the perfect hero
(the principal boy character, played by a female.)
Crystal Santa’s beautiful assistant from the North Pole.  She should be enchanting
and almost fairylike (principal girl character)
Leader of the Varborites The leader of the alien race on Varbos.
A small but important part (male or female – Act 2 only)
The Monster of the Wilderlands/
Prince Paragon of Varbos
Starts off as the monster and then becomes the Prince once the spell is lifted
(another principal boy character, played by a female – Act 2 only)

LADS famous pantomime this year is Santa in Space – oh yes it is!

Despite its unusual title, you will find the usual assortment of pantomime characters, including the outrageous Dame Dangle and her nephew, principal boy, Captain Dick Daring, but this time the “baddy” is an alien – Vileun the Vile.  Helped by his sidekicks, Astra, Null and Void, Vileun kidnaps Santa so he can gain control of earth and realise his plan to conquer the universe.

Don’t despair: Dame Dangle and her friends launch themselves into space to track down Vileun and rescue Santa.  There will be lots of adventures along the way and they will make new friends who will help them with their quest.  Can they defeat Vileun, rescue Santa and return to earth?  Be part of the fun to find out!

Performance Dates:
Thursday 16th January 7:30pm
Friday 17th January 7:30pm
Saturday 18th January 2:30pm and 7:30pm
Sunday 19th January 2:30pm
Wednesday 22nd January 7:30pm
Thursday 23rd January 7:30pm
Friday 24th January 7:30pm
Saturday 25th January 2:30pm and 7:30pm

If you cannot attend auditions but would like to be considered for a part, for further details or if you would like to read a script, please email Sally Watson, or by telephone: 01531-631225 or 07793-315954.

The decision of the Casting Committee is final.
No discussion or correspondence regarding decisions made will be entered into.