OF MICE AND MEN  –  Auditions on Saturday 9th November 2019 from 10am until 12 noon.

This tells the classic story of George, the fast-talking farm hand, and Lennie, the simple giant who accompanies him on a life of casual labour in the Californian Agricultural Belt of the 1930s.  They share a dream of a little place of their own, where Lennie can tend the rabbits and they can “live off the fat of the land”.  When Lennie unwittingly kills the young wife of a farm owner’s son, George must shatter their dreams to keep Lennie from falling into the hands of the law and the vigilante farmhands bent on revenge.

The cast consists of 9 men and 1 woman of which one of the male roles must be a black actor.
We would like those auditioning to read an excerpt from the book of a character of their choosing and you may be asked to perform other characters.
Scripts in PDF format can be supplied via email on request: please note these are not printable.

Gavin O’Mahoney
Craig Watson
George Milton Fast-talking ranch hand who travels with and looks after his childhood friend Lennie Small.
(M: mid 20s to mid 30s)
Lennie Small A ‘gentle-giant’ but of a very simple disposition and relies on George totally.
Same age range as George.  (M)
Slim The ranch ‘foreman’, kind and understanding, the men look to him for their instructions and guidance.
Slim is kind to Lennie and George and understands their need for each other.  (M: 30 – 40s)
Curly The ranch owner’s son.  Small in stature, unpleasant and handy with his fists.
Berates the men and treats his wife badly.  (M: 20s – 30s)
Curly’s wife young, vivacious with dreams of being an actress.  Bored by ranch life and the neglect of her husband.  Flirtatous with the men, but ultimately lonely.  (F: 20s – 30s)
The Boss Ranch owner, firm but fair.  Doesn’t understand the relationship between George and Lenny.
Just wants his ‘pound of flesh’.  (M: 50s)
Candy Ranch dog’s body.  Lost his right hand in an accident.  Only friend is his old dog.
Basically a kind man who joins forces with George and Lennie to buy a ranch.  (M: 50+)
Carlson A hard man, made insensitive by the harsh labouring world he inhabits.
No empathy with anyone and only deals with life’s practicalities.  (M: 30 – 50)
Crooks Black stable hand who has a crooked spine and endures endless racial slurs.
Ignored by the others he is lonely and bitter but intelligent and perceptive.  (M: 50+)
Whit Eager and friendly.  He largely follows the other characters but is not yet worn down by ranch life.
He describes the aimless life at the ranch when George and Lennie first arrive.  (M: late teens/20s)

Commence Tuesday, 4th February 2020 and thereafter every Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 10pm in the Market Theatre, Ledbury and additionally every Sunday 2pm to 5pm from 23rd February 2020.  There will be some variations due to Theatre availability and a formal rehearsal schedule will be sent to successful cast members.

The characterisation for each part is drawn from the wonderful story which was written as a play by John Steinbeck.  Each role is a dream to play.
Please note the story is set in 1930s America, so cast members will need to perform with appropriate accents.  What fun!

Wednesday 22nd April through to Saturday 25th April 2020.

One or two things to consider: If you are offered a part you do need to commit to attend rehearsals.  It will be expected that the cast will be off-script by the start of rehearsals!  We have already purchased the scripts and they will be readily available.

If you cannot attend auditions but would like to be considered for a part, for further details or if you would like to read a script, please email Gavin O’Mahoney, or telephone: 07785-977764.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you on the 9th November!

The decision of the Casting Committee is final.
No discussion or correspondence regarding decisions made will be entered into.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX?  –  Auditions on Sunday 17th November 2019 starting at 5:30pm.

A new one-act play by Catherine Crosswell, which will be LADS entry for The Hereford Drama Festival.
This will take place on 19th, 20th or 21st March 2020 (actual date TBD) in The Market Theatre Ledbury.


Tom is having a party, or at least it feels like a party.  There’s a cake.  There are many wrapped shoe boxes.
There are guests in fancy dress, small creatures in fact...and they certainly know Tom...

Will Tom be able to work out who they are??

I’m delighted to be putting forward What’s in the Box? as one of the LADS entries for the 2020 Festival.
I’m looking for 5 or 6 performers for this 25-30 minute ensemble piece.

 Tom: Human. It’s his Party (Preferably Male)
 Sid: Hamster, furry creature (M or F)
 Butterfly: Insect (M or F)
 Animal 1: is a small animal (F or M)
 Animal 2: is a small animal or bird (F or M)
 Animal 3: is another small animal or maybe a fish (F or M)

As this is a competition piece, the cast must be available for the Quarter Finals on 4th April at Highbury Theatre Centre, Sutton Coldfield (just in case!)

There are further dates should the piece progress, but we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it...
 Area Final: 24th May
 English Final: 13th June
 British Final: 26th and 27th June

There will be a read through December/early January
Rehearsals will take place in February and March (after the Pantomime) to suit availability.

Any questions, or if you would like to receive a sample of the script, please drop me an email or call/text 07811-568562

If you would like to audition, but can’t make the 17th November, please get in contact and I’ll arrange to see you another time.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the audition.