Wednesday 8th May at 7:30pm in The Market Theatre:

Death in the Staffroom
a spoof murder mystery farce by Sue Randles

Staff members at St Mary’s, an all girls private school, gather for an early morning staff meeting, but before the head teacher is ready to begin a member of staff is killed in highly suspicious circumstances.  Detective Inspector Wood, with the assistance of Dr DeAth, a pathologist, battles to solve the mystery of who, what , why and, most bafflingly, how the death occurred.  He is hampered by the confusing events leading up to the incident, which include broken kettles, coffee, “potted” plants, damp patches on trousers as well as the floor and the wielding of both a javelin and a pistol by members of the staff.  It does not help that every suspect is pointing the finger at someone else and the motives are both plentiful and bewildering.

Can Detective Inspector Wood unmask the killer or will Dr DeAth and her “remarkable team” from the “Tait and Lial” Centre solve it for him?

Characters: 3 females; 6 males

Mrs Samantha Seymour * Headmistress, bossy and efficient.  Wears smart business suit.
Mr Ben Hancock PE Teacher, bit of a lady’s man and out for himself.  Hates sport.
Miss Lucy Newcomb English teacher, young and attractive.  Wears a pretty dress.
Dr Bea Bailey Science Teacher, very scathing and tetchy.
Wears trousers and if possible an old style gown.
Miss Amelia Grey Music and Drama Teacher, nervy, conscientious and timid and eager to please.
Wears twinset and, at first, a baggy coat.
Colonel Roger Babington-Smyth Maths Teacher and Cadet Leader.  Pompous.
Wears trousers and old tweed jacket with patches.
Abby (Hind) Cleaner, not very bright.  Wears blue overcoat.
DI Wood Detective, slightly confused but not stupid.  Wears shabby suit.
Dr DeAth * Pathologist, unbelievably efficient.  Wears white paper suit.

* Can be played by same person

Rehearsals will take place in The Market Theatre during the summer months on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Please bring holiday dates with you if auditioning so that Sue can plan rehearsals once cast..
There will also be a few extra Wed and Sun evenings in the final 2-3 weeks.

Performances will be on 13th and 14th September 2019.

For further information, please contact Sue Randles on 07587-173563.

Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June in 7:30pm in The Market Theatre:

The Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare

[There will also be two workshops:
 Workshop 1: Wednesday 15th May 7:30pm
 Workshop 2: Monday 3rd June 7:30pm]

After being separated from their twins in a shipwreck, Antipholus and his servant Dromio go to Ephesus to find them.  The other set of twins lives in Ephesus, and the new arrivals cause a series of incidents of mistaken identity.  At the end, the twins find each other and their parents and resolve all of the problems caused earlier.


Solinus: Duke of Ephesus
Egeon: merchant of Syracuse
Emilia: Abbess at Ephesus and Egeon’s long lost wife
Antipholus of Ephesus
Antipholus of Syracuse
Dromio of Ephesus
Dromio of Syracuse
Adriana: wife of Antipholus of Ephesus
Luciana: her sister
Luce: Adriana’s kitchen maid
Balthasar: a merchant
Angelo: a goldsmith
Doctor Pinch: a schoolmaster
First Merchant, Second Merchant, An Officer, A Courtesan, a Messenger,
Gaoler, townspeople, servants, attendants, etc. etc. (non-speaking)

Act I

Duke Solinus, ruler of Ephesus, presides over the trial of Egeon of Syracuse.  Syracusians are not allowed in Ephesus, so Egeon has been detained.  When asked why he is in Ephesus, Egeon explains that he is searching for his lost twin sons and their twin servants.

Egeon lost his wife and one of their twin sons (along with the boy’s servant) in a storm at sea.  Egeon brought up the surviving boy and his servant who had gone in search of their lost brothers.  Egeon had also left home to seek news in Ephesus.  Solinus allows Egeon until sunset to try to raise 1,000 marks as a ransom or else he must die.

Meanwhile, in a nearby marketplace, a merchant has befriended two tourists: Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant, Dromio.  Unknown to them, their twin brothers have been living there after being saved from the storm.

Act II

The likeness of the Dromio and Antipholus twins leads to a series of confusions.  This is especially true when Antipholus of Syracuse dines with his sister-in-law Adriana and falls in love with her sister, Luciana.  His servant, Dromio of Syracuse, refuses to open the door to anyone even when Antipholus of Ephesus returns home.  Angry, he dines with the courtesan instead.

Acts III and IV

A gold chain that Antipholus of Ephesus has ordered is delivered to Antipholus of Syracuse instead.  The goldsmith’s claim for payment leads to the arrest of Antipholus of Ephesus and his servant.  They refuse to pay for a chain that they did not receive.  Adriana, fearing for her husband’s sanity, gets the schoolmaster, Pinch, to exorcise him and Dromio (both of Ephesus).  While they are restrained, their Syracusian brothers cause panic in the town.  The people think that the Ephesian brothers have somehow escaped.  The Syracusian brothers take refuge in an abbey.

Act V

The hour of Egeon’s sentence is approaching.  Adriana appeals for aid from the Duke for her husband.  The Ephesian twins escape and arrive to claim justice.  Egeon recognises them, or so he thinks, as the boys he brought up in Syracuse.  The Duke sends for the Abbess, who appears with the second pair of twins.  She recognises Egeon and reveals herself as Emilia, his long-lost wife.  Antipholus of Syracuse woos his sister-in-law, Luciana. The Duke pardons Egeon and everyone goes to celebrate.

Performances will be on 17th, 18th and 19th October 2019.

For further information, please email Mary Fielding or phone 01531-670389.