What’s On

Key:   Green = Live Shows  |Blue = Live/Encore Screenings  |Yellow = Films
16th – 25th January   Thu – Sat   2:30pm and 7:30pm   Santa in Space!
29th January   Wednesday   7:45pm   La bohème
1st February   Saturday   7:30pm   Red Hot Boogie
7th February   Friday   7:15pm   The Sleeping Beauty
8th February   Saturday   10:30am to 4:30pm   WEA Film Study Day – Opera and Cinema
9th February   Sunday   7pm   Kinky Boots
12th February   Wednesday   10:30am   Pavarotti
14th February   Friday   8pm   In the Mood for Love
15th February   Saturday   8pm   Simon & Garfunkel Through the Years
20th February   Thursday   7pm   Cyrano de Bergerac
22nd February   Saturday   8pm   The Blackheart Orchestra
28th February   Friday   8pm   The Souvenir
1st March   Sunday   7pm   Bait
6th March   Friday   8pm   Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
8th March   Sunday   7pm   Sorry We Missed You
11th March   Wednesday   10:30am   Mrs Lowry & Son
13th March   Friday   8pm   The Farewell
14th March   Saturday   7:30pm   Bleak House
17th March   Tuesday   7:15pm   Fidelio
19th – 21st March   Thu – Sat   7pm   Hereford County Drama Festival
25th March   Wednesday   8pm   Joker
27th March   Friday   7:30pm   Under my Skin
28th March   Saturday   8pm   The Roving Crows
3rd April   Friday   8pm   The Happy Prince
4th April   Saturday   3pm   Pedlar’s Tales
5th April   Sunday   2pm   Swan Lake
8th April   Wednesday   10:30am   Downton Abbey
11th April   Saturday   7:30pm   A Brief History of Music
23rd – 25th April   Thu – Sat   7:30pm   Agnes of God
26th April   Sunday   2pm   Cavalleria rusticana  and  Pagliacci
1st May   Friday   8pm   Hitsville - The Making of Motown
2nd May   Saturday   7:30pm   Spitfire Solo
9th May   Saturday   7:30pm   Billy Connolly: The Sex Life of Bandages
13th May   Wednesday   10:30am   Judy
15th May   Friday   8pm   Dolor y gloria (Pain and Glory)
16th May   Saturday   7:30pm   Moscow Drug Club
22nd – 23rd May   Fri – Sat   7:30pm   The Ultimate Secret  and  A Viennese Whirl
29th May   Friday   8pm   Official Secrets
4th June   Thursday   7pm   The Welkin
5th – 6th June   Fri – Sat   7:30pm   Death(s) at Sea
30th June   Tuesday   7pm   The Winter’s Tale
3rd July   Friday   7:45pm   Elektra
15th July   Wednesday   7pm   The Comedy of Errors

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