Saturday 1st December in The Market Theatre:

Our Star Theatre Company is thrilled to announce its first ever Community Project, and is offering anyone and everyone with a passion for performing a chance to take part!

Children (ages 8-16): 9:30am check-in for a 10am-12noon audition.
Adults (ages 16+): 12:30pm check-in for a 1pm-3pm audition.
Casting at the Children Auditions:-
Oliver Twist 8-14
Artful Dodger 10-16
Noah Claypole 12-18
Charlotte 12-18
Fagin’s Gang  
Casting at the Adult Auditions
Nancy 18+
Bill Sykes 25-45
Mr Bumble 30+
Widow Corney 30+
Mr Sowerberry 40+
Mrs Sowerberry 40+
Noah Claypole 12-18
Charlotte 12-18
Bet 18+
Fagin 30-60
Mr Brownlow 50-70
Mrs Bedwin 30+
Old Sally 60+
Dr Grimwig 25-60
General ensemble for crowd scenes and big musical numbers

Rehearsals will take place in The Market Theatre Ledbury from early February on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Adults, Wednesdays for Children and Sundays with everyone.

Performances will be from 27th to 31st March 2019.

To register for an audition and for more information, please contact Ben Mowbray:   07742-878329

*** Pre-Booking for auditions is essential ***