Sunday 22nd April at 10am in The Market Theatre:

The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan

LADS late summer production will be The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan from the original motion picture screenplay. The play will be directed by Hamish Ellwood and will be performed in The Market Theatre on 13th, 14th and 15th September 2018.


The action takes place in Kings Cross, London, from 5th – 9th November 1956 in the house of Mrs Louisa Wilberforce and is a classic black comedy.  A sweet little old lady, alone in her house, is pitted against a gang of criminal misfits who will stop at nothing….

Posing as amateur musicians, Professor Marcus and his gang rent rooms in the lopsided house of sweet but strict Mrs Wilberforce.  The villains plot to involve her, unwittingly, in Marcus’ brilliantly conceived heist job.

The police are left stumped, but Mrs Wilberforce becomes wise to their ruse and Marcus concludes that there is only one way to keep the old lady quiet.  With only her parrot, General Gordon, to help her, Mrs Wilberforce is alone with five desperate men – but who will be forced to face the music?


  • Constable Macdonald – a portly bobby (small part)  (M)
  • Mrs Louisa Wilberforce – sweet little old woman with old-fashioned values  (F)
  • Professor Marcus – leader of the gang, confident criminal mastermind!  (M)
  • Major Courtney – a cowardly poseur with a dubious military record. (M)
  • Harry Robinson – a cheerful spiv. (M)
  • One-Round – an ex-boxer, a gentle oaf with very little brain!  (big build – M)
  • Louis Harvey – the ruthless, unsmiling European heavy.  (M)
  • Mrs Jane Tromleyton – very small part at the beginning of Act 2.  (F)

Also required – a group of female extras – non-speaking for the end of Act 1 and beginning of Act 2 only.

Rehearsals:  Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons June – September.

For further details or to request a script, please contact Hamish Ellwood (Director)  Tel: 07850-154333