Saturday 29th September in The Market Theatre:

LADS’ Famous Panto – 2019
Alice In Wonderland   the Pantomime

by Limelight Scripts

Director: Hamish Ellwood
Producer: Craig Watson
Musical Director: Chris Corcorran
Choreographer: Heather Cambridge

Performance Dates: 17th – 20th and 23rd -26th January 2019

Auditions will take place at:
 9.30 Junior Chorus Registration
10.00 Junior Chorus – singing and dancing auditions (plus Soldiers / Dormouse / Mineworkers and Dancers), and ‘Alice’.
12.00 Junior Chorus – end of auditions
12.30 Adult Registration
 1.00 Adult Auditions – singing auditions* followed by character auditions

Anyone auditioning for a roles marked * will be required to sing a solo song of their choice.
Please bring a backing track with you.

Please note there will be no adult chorus.

The outcome of auditions will be notified by email within 1 week – the decision of the audition panel is final.


  • Alice: An inquisitive and adventurous young girl* (12yrs to 18yrs)
  • Dame Millicent: Alice’s over-the-top mother*
  • The Joker: The effervescent royal jester
  • Knave of Spades: A nasty power-hungry baddie*
  • Tweedle Dum: One half of a silly comic duo*
  • Tweedle Dee: Comedic partner and brother of Tweedle Dum*
  • Queen of Hearts: She who must be obeyed. Loud, brash and bossy
  • King of Hearts: The mousy hen-pecked husband of the queen
  • Princess of Hearts: A beautiful and melodramatic young Princess*
  • Prince of Diamonds: A handsome and melodramatic young Prince*
  • White Rabbit: A scatty and highly-strung animal
  • Wizard: A wise old magician. (appears in Act 2)
  • Mad Hatter: A completely mad individual (one big comedy scene)*
  • March Hare: Completes a comic duo with the Mad Hatter (one big comedy scene)*
  • Sergeant: Typical loud-mouthed military type character
  • Hippies: A group of sixties-style drop-outs
  • Cheshire Cat: A strange ephemeral creature (one comedy scene)
  • Caterpillar: A condescending caterpillar (one big musical – UV scene)*
  • Wonderlanders
  • Junior roles: Soldiers, Dormouse, Mineworkers and Dancers

Rehearsal dates will be anounced at the auditions – they will be a mixture of Saturdays / Sundays and an evening during the week (depending on role)
For further information please contact Hamish Ellwood.