What’s On

Key:   Green = Live Shows  |Blue = Live/Encore Screenings  |Yellow = Films
19th February   Tuesday   7:15pm   Don Quixote
22nd February   Friday   8pm   The Little Stranger
23rd February   Saturday   8pm   The Brubeck Project
1st March   Friday   8pm   Cold War
3rd March   Sunday   8pm   The Wife
8th March   Friday   8pm   Shoplifters
9th March   Saturday   8pm   Ladykiller
10th March   Sunday   8pm   Wajib
13th March   Wednesday   10:30am   A United Kingdom
16th March   Saturday   7:30pm   Red Hot Boogie
21st – 23rd March   Thu – Sat   7:30pm   Hereford County Drama Festival
27th – 31st March   Wed – Sun   2:30pm and 7:30pm   Oliver!
2nd April   Tuesday   6:15pm   La forza del destino
5th April   Friday   8pm   Leave No Trace
6th April   Saturday   7:30pm   The Odyssey
10th April   Wednesday   10:30am   The Leisure Seeker
12th April   Friday   8pm   The Guardians  (Les gardiennes)
13th April   Saturday   8pm   In Loyal Company
17th April   Wednesday   7pm   As You Like It
18th April   Thursday   8pm   Carousel
26th April   Friday   7:30pm   You Cannot be Serious!
30th April   Tuesday   6:45pm   Faust
3rd May   Friday   8pm   Bohemian Rhapsody
8th May   Wednesday   10:30am   Lady Bird
10th May   Friday   8pm   The Children Act
11th May   Saturday   7:30pm   Jayne Eyre
14th May   Tuesday   7pm   All My Sons
21st – 22nd May   Tue – Wed   7:30pm   A Nice Dilemma and Trial by Jury
25th May   Saturday   8pm   The Blackheart Orchestra
31st May   Friday   8pm   A Star is Born
1st June   Saturday   7:30pm   The 39 Steps
18th June   Tuesday   7:15pm   Romeo and Juliet
22nd June   Saturday   8pm   Oysters
27th June   Thursday   7pm   The Taming of the Shrew
11th July   Thursday   7pm   Small Island

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